As a community, marketing an event can be very simple, with the same principles attached to many events, whether during the week or on Shabbat. Please see the following ideas for advertising an event:

  • Make a poster
    • This can be done using  a very easy to use design programme. It is free to use, all you need is to create an account and off you go then you can get started
    • Contact for access to poster templates
    • Consider the level of information included on posters from a security perspective, e.g. don’t put the address (regulars will know where it is and others can email for further details, or will get confirmation after booking)
  • Advertise on Facebook (within your closed group)
    • Presuming you already have a Facebook group/page, this is a great way to advertise
    • You can even have a competition with the prize being free entry to the event
  • Board/Committee members to do a phone around
    • The shul membership list can be split between all board and committee members/honorary officers. Then over the course of a few days, each person should call everyone on their list to encourage them to attend
  • Announce in sermons/announcements
    • Get the community excited by mentioning the event at multiple opportunities including the Rabbi’s weekly sermon, as well as the announcements towards the end of the service
    • Make sure all services include it in their announcements, including children’s services
  • Include in newsletter/newssheet/handouts
    • Make sure the event is well publicised in your newsletter
    • Posters can be printed in A5 as well, as put in various positions around the shul to maximise numbers seeing the flyer
  • Advertise externally
    • Give the flyer/poster to local kosher shops to advertise
  • Send a bespoke email
    • You don’t want to send out too many emails to your community, but you can send one bespoke email just about this specific event, either when you launch the event or near to the closing date for tickets
  • Competition online
    • Using your online presence (Facebook/twitter)run a competition with the winner gaining free entry to the event. One example could be a Best Friday Night Joke
  • Incentives to book
    • Member/non-member prices
    • Early bird ticket prices
    • Family discounts


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