The Beauty Of Shabbat Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Shabbat means different things to different people. To some, it is about connecting with God, to others it is about connecting with family and friends. Some see Shabbat as an opportunity to slow down the outside world, while others see it as a chance to socialise and catch up. And most will see Shabbat as a bit of everything. Mostly though, Shabbat can be a transformative experience for the individual and the community, if you let it. In this section we encourage you to share your Shabbat experiences with the TFNIS community so that we can learn from each other what makes Shabbat beautiful for each and every one of us.

“I never have enough time in the week to turn off. Without Shabbat, I do not know what I would do! It’s the time when I can touch base with my Judaism, familiar words, food and tunes as well as catching up with others.”
– Ilana Epstein

“Each week, we cook a Friday night meal for an elderly gentleman in our shul. My children deliver it on our way home from school pick-up.  I wouldn’t know this gentleman otherwise and my children would not get the chance to see how a small kindness can make somebody’s Shabbat.”
– Michael Laitner

“We are the only shul in our area. Without Shabbat, we would not have a chance to get together as Jews and enjoy that aspect of our lives.”
-Member in Sutton

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